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Tiltan Chooses MAK Technologies’ VR-LINK For TVIEW Visual System

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Cambridge, Mass., August 4, 2005 -- MAK Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of distributed simulation software, announced that Tiltan has chosen to use VR-Link in their TView visualization system making it fully compatible with both DIS and HLA simulation networks. Tiltan’s TView product is used for a wide variety of military and urban planning uses.

TView is Tiltan's visual system designed to create out-the-window and sensor scenes for training and simulation. It generates photo-realistic visual and sensor scenes of real-world locations. TView also enables simulation of network-centric operations and supports MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) scenarios.

"Simulating modern network-centric operations is a complex task, being inherently distributed and demanding high levels of graphic fidelity. Having invested heavily in the capability to visualize dense urban environments and massive scenarios, we looked to complement our graphic strengths with the best solution we could find for interoperability," said Yaron Vilan, Tiltan's vice president. of business development.

"We believe that by embedding MAK's excellent product into TView, we are providing our customers with better value and investment protection, as well as reinforcing TView's position as the best-of-breed PC-based interoperable visualization solution."

VR-Link is a networking toolkit for linking simulations via the Department of Defense HLA and DIS networking protocols. It is the best-selling toolkit of its kind. VR-Link simulations can be fully HLA compliant while simultaneously maintaining DIS compatibility. VR-Link provides a single documented API that abstracts away the details of DIS or HLA ”It is only natural that Tiltan's TView, being widely used at Israeli Ministry of Defense, is using VR-Link , the de facto standard for Israeli industry and IMOD when they need DIS and HLA networking,” said Amir Shiloah, copartner and managing director of Synergy. “This decision opens Tiltan to enjoy the power of interoperability.” Synergy Integration Ltd., MAK’s reseller in Israel, was responsible for negotiating the sale.

MAK Technologies

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