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Patria to introduce a brand new Nemo Plus - concept at the Eurosatory

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At the forthcoming Eurosatory 2012 exhibition in Paris June 11-15, Patria showcases in its world premiere the Nemo Plus concept. This groundbreaking concept is based on Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Super Lite RWS integrated on Patria AMV.

Nemo Plus -concept opens up even further possibilities to use turreted weapon systems in combat. Nemo Plus features the global market leader of turreted mortar systems - Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system with superior firepower, protection, mobility and agility. It also features an additional remote weapon system (RWS) PROTECTOR Super Lite from Kongsberg which has been integrated on Patria Nemo. This unique combination deserves nothing but the best armoured wheeled vehicle platform - the undisputed market leader of modern 8x8s Patria AMV. Patria Nemo, due to its compact size and low weight (only 1700kg), can be integrated on a vast number of armoured vehicles, both wheeled and tracked, as well as to various naval vessels (Patrol boats etc). It can fire both traditional indirect fire up to 10 km as well as direct fire up to 1km rate of fire 10 rds/min and it takes less than 30 s to open fire after receiving the fire mission. Patria AMV vehicle family has currently 7 customer countries total number of contracted vehicles exceeds 1400 pcs. Patria AMV is the best combination of superior mobility, outstanding protection, excellent firepower and interoperability. Patria AMV vehicle family has been fielded e.g. in ISAF-operation since 2007 with excellent user feed-back. Kongsberg PROTECTOR Super Lite is a fully stabilized and a very light weight RWS (only 30 kg without weapon & ammunition) and it can be equipped with a machine gun (e.g. M240, M249) thus increasing close fire support and situational awareness for the crew, while performing fire missions with Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system.

To increase the situational awareness even further the Nemo Plus -concept vehicle Patria AMV is equipped with SAS camera system from SAAB.

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