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BAE Launches Its Latest Manned Turret

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BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa revealed its latest manned turret to attendees at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and Conference in the United Arab Emirates today.

The Overhead Manned Turret (OMT) is a new generation, low profile turret designed for vehicles such as Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) or Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV). The OMT is operated by one crew member and provides self-protection, ground fire support and attack capabilities to the vehicle system with an optimal balance between situational awareness, crew protection and cost.

The system has been modularly designed to support different user requirements. Parameters such as protection level, weapon interface, sighting system and position control mechanism can be configured to suit specific applications. The OMT can be configured to accommodate a range of weapons from 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns, to 40mm grenade launchers. Fitted with the appropriate weapon configuration, the OMT can be effectively utilised against enemy targets.

The basic designated system is equipped with manual turret drives and an optical episcope with integrated aiming mark. All round vision of the battlefield enables outstanding target detection capability, fast reaction time and orientation in urban conditions. Four smoke grenade launchers are fitted as standard.

The latest OMT-ED (Overhead Manned Turret - Electrical Drive) version is based on the basic system and is fitted with additional traverse electrical drives, enabling the operator to engage a target quickly and effortlessly.

“At Land Systems South Africa we continually use our own research and development funds to improve our products to ensure our customers receive the latest technology they require to keep safe on the battlefield,” said Johan Steyn, Managing Director Land Systems South Africa.

When configured with a B7 level ballistic protection, the total mass is 550 kg excluding ammunition. The maximum height of 590mm above vehicle deck offers a low-profile solution with good situational awareness and high performance target identification of more than a kilometre, day or night.

Elevation and traverse hand wheels provide the standard human interface for turret movement. The OMT-ED version makes use of a dead-man switch and movement controller for rapid movement in traverse. An integrated brake system ensures operation while the vehicle is parked against a slope of 15 degrees. This added functionality, in combination with the high performance video sight, offers an affordable turret solution for light vehicles.

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