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Renault Trucks Defense To Exhibit At The SOFINS Show

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Special Forces ALTV

The SOFINS show is to be held at camp de Souge on 14-16 April 2015. On this occasion, RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is to exhibit a range of Special Forces vehicles on its stand.

SOFINS (Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminary) provides a forum for discussions between the key players of French and foreign special forces and the Defense industry in seeking innovative solutions. During this event, products and vehicles are to be shown in an exhibition area and during dynamic demonstrations in test areas. Workshops bringing together SMEs, laboratories and Research & Development sections of armed forces will provide an understanding of operational requirements and allow the immediate launching of R&D cooperative programs.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense will exhibit 5 vehicles on its outside stand:

  • SHERPA Light Scout (RTD), an armored reconnaissance 4x4 vehicle

  • SHERPA FS (RTD), a 10.4-ton, open-top hull, 4x4 adaptation, intended for Special Forces

  • SHERPA APC (RTD), an assault-ladder vehicle version accommodating 10 kitted out operators

  • VLRA 2 Commando (ACMAT), a 12-ton, engagement-proven, open-top hull, 4x4 vehicle carrying 2+6 kitted out men

  • ALTV FS (ACMAT), a 3.5-ton, open-top hull, 4x4 vehicle, carrying 3 kitted out men

The SHERPA Light Scout is to perform dynamic demonstrations in specifically laid out 4x4 areas.

This show provides RENAULT TRUCKS Defense with the opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate its know-how in off-road vehicles and its experience in the Special Forces field.

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