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Patria introduces new technology at IDEX 2017

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Patria attends IDEX 2017 event held in February 19-23, in Abu Dhabi, UAE featuring its latest technology. At the event Patria will showcase the new Patria AMV 28A with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Medium Caliber Turret (MCT-30) with Commander’s Independent Weapon Station with 12,7 mm Machine Gun and Javelin AT launcher and launch the world’s first 120 mm mortar system integrated with a container. In addition, Patria AMV Part Task Trainer (PTT) – the training system for Patria AMV is on display. The venue is the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Welcome to visit Patria’s stand at CP-300.

Showcasing Patria AMV 28A

Patria AMV 8x8 is the most modern and successful combat proven armoured wheeled vehicle with outstanding test results from all over the world. Nearly 1,600 vehicles have already been ordered. They are used in challenging conditions by customers in seven countries including the Finnish, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, South African, United Arab Emirates’ and Swedish Defence Forces. Patria AMV’s structural solutions enable high payload capacity, high level of protection and integration of heavy weapon systems. Patria AMV has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad. The latest addition to this product family, Patria AMV XP, provides further strength to the company’s product range.

At IDEX Patria showcases a new member of the Patria AMV product family - Patria AMV28A with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Medium Caliber Turret (MCT-30) with Commander’s Independent Weapon Station with 12,7 mm Machine Gun and Javelin AT launcher.

Features of Patria AMV28A

  • Bolt-on marine environment amphibious kit to 28 ton GVW

  • Automatized amphibious mode, protected and continuous fighting capacity

  • Modular amphibious kit, easy to detach and rearm when needed.

  • Full operational capacity on land. Max. width 2.85 meters without amphibious kit

  • Max. speed up to 10km/h

  • Extended hull for larger size IFV turrets and crew of 8 dismounting soldiers

  • Protectable for against modern threat levels

  • Marine environment protective coating

  • Superior firepower also on an amphibious operation

  • Desert powerpack

  • Desert AC

Introducing Patria Nemo Container - a heavy mortar system with high mobility

At IDEX Patria introduces the world’s first 120mm mortar system integrated with a container. The Patria Nemo Container includes all the equipment required by a mortar unit in a single package.

The Nemo Container is delivered with everything that a mortar unit needs: protection for the crew, the weapon and ammunition. The container has its own power unit and air conditioning. In addition to an access hatch, the container has an escape hatch.

The customer can select NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) filtration systems, as well as the desired ballistic protection, made either of steel plates or ceramic armour. High-durability steel plating 8 to 10mm thick adds around three tons to the weight of the container. The container has space for one hundred mortar bombs. It has a crew of three: two loaders and a gunner, who also acts as the commander of the unit. The key benefit of the Patria Nemo Container is its easy mobility, which is unique to mortar systems of this caliber.

The container can be easily moved into a firing position on a high-speed boat, a ship or on a truck; the container can also fire from any of these carriers and naturally also from the ground. For example, the container’s versatile mobility enables coastal jaeger platoons to relocate this independent firing unit during a mission. This is also an excellent solution for protecting military bases. The container can also be purchased as a separate unit without the weapon system, in which case the customer can make cost-effective use of its existing Nemo equipment.

Cost-effective training for Patria AMV

Patria AMV Part Task Trainer (PTT) combines virtual training environment and modelled AMV driver’s position with all the essential driver’s controls and systems. Training with AMV PTT familiarizes the trainee with the environment and functionality of the vehicle needed in operational AMV usage. High fidelity VBS (Virtual Battle Space) based synthetic environment with extensive networking capabilities makes it possible to network AMV PTT with other PTTs or simulators to enable mission training with e.g. vehicle mounted weapon systems as well as platoon level training. The simulator can also be networked with other training systems by using HLA (High Level Architecture). Patria AMV Part Task Trainer will be on display at IDEX 2017.

Patria’s new company in Abu Dhabi

Patria Group has founded a new company in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. The company's name is Patria Land Middle East Ltd., and it is fully owned by Patria Group. The new company will strengthen Patria’s presence in the Arab Emirates and Middle East, while indicating its long-term commitment to the region. At the initial stage, the company's objective is to be close to the customer and support sales, marketing and offset trading. In the future, Patria may expand its operations by means such as starting to sell technical support, training and spare parts.


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