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Patria’s latest technology featured at DSEI 2017

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Patria attends DSEI 2017 event held on 12-15th September at ExCel in London, showcasing Patria AMV XP armoured wheeled vehicle integrated with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Dual RWS. Patria will also highlight its know-how in simulation technology by demonstrating Patria AMV Part Task Trainer networked with Patria Nemo Training Simulator. Patria’s stand is located at exhibition lot N6-160.

Patria AMV XP vehicle offers Extra Payload, Extra Performance and Extra Protection

Nearly 1,600 Patria AMV vehicles have already been ordered. They are used in challenging conditions by customers in seven countries. AMV products are under continuous development and are fitted with the latest technology. Patria AMV’s structural solutions enable a high payload capacity, a high level of protection and the integration of heavy weapons systems. The vehicle has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad. Patria AMV XP provides further strength to the company’s product range. The name Patria AMV XP links the product strongly to Patria AMV product family and the abbreviation XP stands for Extra Payload, Extra Performance and Extra Protection.

At DSEI Patria will showcase Patria AMV XP armoured wheeled vehicle as an APC variant integrated with Kongsberg PROTECTOR Dual RWS equipped with 12.7 mm HMG and Javelin AT missile. The vehicle offers modular ballistic, mine and IED-protection system according to customers' requirements. It also has the readiness for future protection technologies as well as future soldier equipment.

Features of the vehicle’s mission system include double weapon system controls for Commander and Gunner. It also has new Commander’s and Gunner’s stations with full 360° periscope view and roof hatches.

The vehicle offers space for a crew of three persons and eight dismounting soldiers and a modular storage system for section and personal equipment. The vehicle is equipped with Savox IMP intercom, Metravib PILAR V sniper detection system, day/night 360° (TI) camera system for the crew and Flir / Proxy Dynamics PD-100 Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (nano-UAV).

Expertise in cost-effective training solutions

Patria offers cost-effective training solutions for Patria AMV vehicle and Patria Nemo mortar systems. The company has expertise in the networking of several simulators. At DSEI Patria will also showcase Patria AMV Part Task Trainer networked with Patria Nemo Training Simulator.

Patria Nemo Training Simulator provides an authentic training environment for all firing procedures enabled by Patria Nemo. The simulator combines virtual training with actual Nemo hardware and software that is installed in a cabin simulating the Nemo commander's or gunner's position in the vehicle.

Patria AMV Part Task Trainer (PTT) combines virtual training environment and modelled AMV driver’s position with all the essential driver’s controls and systems. Training with AMV PTT familiarizes the trainee with the environment and functionality of the vehicle needed in operational AMV usage. Both training solutions are based on a high-quality Virtual Battle Space based synthetic environment which enables extensive networking possibilities.


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