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Production of ALAN armored cars is in place in Kazakhstan

Category: Defence Industry

The Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering together with the Israeli company Plasan has mastered production of Alan armored wheeled vehicles.

The uniquely equipped armored car hull with a capacity of up to 11 people provides protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 level 3. Lightweight composite materials used in the armor provide additional protection that does not affect the weight and performance of the armored car.

Alan be supplied in various configurations: reconnaissance vehicle, command vehicle, special response vehicle with various types of weapons.

The first batch of Alan was successfully produced as part of the order of the goverment of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Alan armored car is assembled by the Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP (a joint venture of Kazakhstan Engineering and the South African Paramount Group) an SandCat Stormer armored car, developed by the Israeli company Plasan, which is mass-produced by the US corporation Oshkosh. The SandCat Stormer is builded on the chassis of the Ford F550 pickup truck and is one of the latest versions of the world famous SandCat family of development Plasan.

The SandCat Stormer was previously purchased for the armed forces of Kazakhstan directly from Oshkosh and was publicly demonstrated at the military parade in Astana on May 7, 2015. In the future, the assembly of these vehicles was organized at the "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering".

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP is a joint venture of Paramount Group (South Africa) and the Kazakhstan Engineering National Company, which is under the trust management of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Alan (Armoured car)


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