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First Export Order for Caesar Artillery System

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Caesar Artillery System

VERSAILLES-SATORY -- Giat Industries has just been awarded a contract by Thailand for 6 Caesar systems and their environment to equip an artillery battery of the Thailand Army.

Caesar is an innovative 155mm/52 calibre weapon, based on a 6X6 truck with an armoured cab, fitting the fire control, a significant amount of ammunition and the gun crew in one piece in order to ensure autonomy and reactivity.

Mobility, firepower, ease of operation and survivability are the key features of this new system. Caesar is a fully interoperable artillery howitzer. It can be carried in a single load in a C-130 cargo aircraft. Compared with towed guns, the time required for combat readiness is dramatically reduced: in less than two minutes, Caesar fires a burst of six rounds and comes out of action, beginning that way its "escape move" necessary to avoid counter-battery firings from the enemy. The system has a firing range of 40 km.

The versatility of Caesar makes it suitable to deliver fire support to all types of motorized, mechanized and armoured military units, especially those designed for rapid deployment.

"This export contract of the Caesar system is the first major result of our export efforts for this system" said Luc Vigneron, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Giat Industries.

Giat Industries has been present in Thailand for more than 15 years, providing 105 mm artillery systems, associated ammunition and also medium caliber equipment for the Royal Thai Forces.

Giat Industries' mission is to meet the requirements of the French Army as well as other armies worldwide. Giat has acquired unrivalled expertise in all the components of modern air-land systems: protection, command, mobility, fires, and support. Giat Industries generated revenues of 731 million euros in 2005 and allocates 14 % of sales invested in research and development. Giat Industries equipment and customer's services: MBTs as Leclerc, armoured vehicles as VBCI, artillery systems as Caesar, ammunition as Bonus, Battlefield Management Systems as SIT V1, innovative customer services and upgrades are in service in over 100 countries.

Giat Industries

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