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Avon Protection's M53 NBC Mask Receives US Government Approval for Entering Volume Production

Category: Defence Industry

The US government has given a go-ahead signal to volume production of the the M53 NBC mask, which has been developed to counter various threats encountered in modern warfare. It provides high protection against chemical agents, radioactive dust, and biological threats.

The mask has a new faceseal with either a right- or left-handed filter mount to give the best possible sighting position for shoulder-placed weapons. A new polyurethane flexible visor considerably increases the field of view and minimises eye-strain. The harness and buckles provide comfortable integration with combat helmets and communication headsets. The M53 is offered with an integrated, lightweight NBC hood, available in all four sizes and using the latest materials, providing full head and neck protection. The hood can be easily and efficiently attached to the mask and stored in the carrier. A new voice projection unit offers enhanced speech performance.

Sergyi Way

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14:11 07.07.2006

If the enemy sees the American soldiers in these ugly masks, it will immediately surrender because of fear.

11:24 11.07.2006

The more fearful to the enemy, the better.

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