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Alliant Techsystems Strengthens Its Position As a Leader in Development of Precision Projectiles

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Alliant Techsystems, a leading company in the development of newest precision projectiles, has received one of the two technology demonstration contract from the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center to develop a Precision Guidance Kit for the Army's 155mm Howitzer.

This Precision Guidance Kit will make the stockpile of existing artillery ammunition significantly more effective at relatively low cost by adding GPS guidance and navigation capability in a package that fits into the fuze well of an existing 155mm round.

The six-month technology demonstration phase of the program will be followed by a selection to one design that will proceed with a System Development and Demonstration award. Alliant Techsystems has designed a Precision Guidance Kit solution and it believes that it offers the U.S. Army the most accurate, lowest cost-per-kill of any design in the competition.

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11:26 12.07.2006

These americans dono what to spend their money on!

08:37 14.07.2006

Then they will waste these thousands-worth projectiles on penny-worth Iraqi huts!

11:00 21.07.2006

They'd better buy themselves hamburgers for this money.

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