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New Equipment to Help Protect UK Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Defence Secretary, Des Browne, unveiled a package of new equipment to help protect UK Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan following an armoured vehicles review.

This will include: the purchase of around 100 additional Pinzgauer 'Vector' for Afghanistan, on top of the 66 already on contract, with deliveries to begin early in 2007; the provision, for Iraq, of around 70 uparmoured and upgraded FV430 troop carriers, in addition to the 54 already on contract, with deliveries starting late this year and building up to a mechanised infantry battlegroup by Spring 2007; and the acquisition of around 100 of a new medium weight vehicle, 'Cougar', which is manufactured by Force Protection Incorporated of Charleston, South Carolina, and is expected to be delivered to Iraq and Afghanistan in batches over the next six month rotation, with an effective capability in place in Iraq by the end of the year.

This new package emerged from the urgent review ordered by the Defence Secretary last month, and builds on work that had been ongoing with the MoD. Complementing heavily armoured Warriors and lighter Snatch patrol vehicles, these new vehicles will give commanders on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan more options to deal with the developing threats they are facing.

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12V VECTOR 30 (Diesel engine)

6V VECTOR 15 (Diesel engine)

Cougar (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

COUGAR (Armoured car)

Pinzgauer 716 MK (Patrol Vehicle)

Pinzgauer 718 (Truck)

Cougar H 4x4 (Mine protected carrier)

Cougar MRAP (Mine protected carrier)

Pinzgauer II (Truck)

FV430 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)

FV430 Mk3 Bulldog (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)

Vector (Patrol Vehicle)

Cougar (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

ATTV GRF 5.12 VECTOR (Patrol Vehicle)


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