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Last Laser-Based Firing Simulator Handed Over for the Light Armoured Vehicle RadSpz 93

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More efficient and realistic troop training involving less noise, substantially lower costs and decidedly less impact on the environment: these are but a few of the advantages of the new laser-based firing simulators for the RadSpz 93 / Piranha 8x8, a light armoured vehicle (LAV) used by the Swiss Armed Forces. In a small ceremony, RUAG handed over the last of a total of 288 simulators to its contract partner armasuisse, the defence procurement agency of the Federal Department of Defence.

The contract covered the manufacture and delivery of Laser-Based Firing Simulators (LASSIM) for the RadSpz 93. The deliveries were augmented by additional training equipment such as analysis computers and field observer controller devices. Following preparations for series production, the first simulators rolled off the line at the beginning of the second quarter of 2005. The deliveries have now been completed on schedule in a total of ten batches.

The LASSIM RadSpz 93 simulates the 12.7mm heavy machine gun. It is employed in firing training (basic training) and in combat training. It is used in combination with other simulators and at the combat training centres of the Swiss Armed Forces.

When 'in combat' with another simulator, the simulation system responds in accordance with a vehicle-specific vulnerability model. In the process, the effects of hits are transferred into the crew compartment. The instrumented mounted soldiers also sustain the same 'wounds' if the fire was effective as they would in an actual engagement.

This procurement of laser-based firing simulators can substantially increase the efficiency of machine gun training without a real shot even being fired. This saves the Armed Forces substantial outlays each year. Moreover, training with laser simulators does obviously not have the adverse impact on the environment that real gun fire does.

This contract was the largest ever in the history of RUAG Electronics. It was executed together with RUAG COEL, a company that also became part of the RUAG Group a year ago. The two companies have had an instrumental part in the simulation and training programmes of the Swiss Armed Forces since 1996, and in increasing the efficiency of training in this institution. The Swiss Armed Forces are one of the foremost leaders in simulation-based training among the world's defence forces.

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