Omnitech Robotics International, LLC

Type of activity:
Auxiliary Vehicles

2630 South Raritan Circle
Englewood, Colorado 80110

Country: USAUSA
Phone: (303) 922-7773
Fax: (303) 922-7775

Omnitech Robotics International, LLC (ORILLC) is in the business of developing and manufacturing robotic components, controls, and systems for unmanned ground vehicles and broad-based automation. Our strengths are in the design, manufacture and support of modular embedded control components for converting any ground vehicle to remote control, teleoperated control, or semi-autonomous control. These components are typically added to existing manned vehicles using robotic conversion kits, or appliqué robotic controls. Currently, approximately 90% of our sales are military related, and our primary customers are the US Army, USMC, and DARPA. ORILLC has developed and fielded over 70 unmanned ground vehicle systems, many of which are operational in conflict zones like Bosnia and Kosovo.

M1 Abrams Panther II (Mine clearing vehicle)
M60 Panther (Mine clearing vehicle)
MARS (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
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