SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG

Type of activity:
Engine and Systems

Eugen-Sanger-Ring 7
85649 Brunnthal-Nord

Phone: +49 89 / 673 592-0
Fax: +49 89 / 673 592-369

The leader in mobile fuel cells

SFC Smart Fuel Cell is the leader in mobile energy for leisure-time, industrial and military applications. One of Germany’s technology pioneers, SFC has been awarded numerous prizes for innovation. SFC works with leading companies in a number of different industries. In contrast to most other fuel-cell companies that are still in the developmental phase or are operating subsidized demonstration facilities, SFC has been successfully selling its fuel cells to industrial and retail customers for already more than four years. The company also has established a commercial infrastructure to distribute its fuel cartridges. SFC is DIN ISO 9001:2008-certified.

Made in Germany

All of our SFC fuel cells and SFC fuel cartridges are made in Germany. We manufacture them at our company headquarters in Brunnthal near Munich. We also have our research and development department here. It’s our way of making sure that new developments flow directly into innovative products that are available at a dealer near you. Thanks to our international distributor network, our SFC fuel cells and SFC fuel cartridges are now available in a number of countries throughout the world. It’s symbolic of our dedication to limitless mobility – Power, Anytime, Anywhere.

SFC fuel cells are everywhere

As you are reading this now, SFC fuel cells are busy all over the world, from Japan to the Antarctic, generating electrical energy for mobile homes, yachts, vacation cabins, traffic-monitoring systems, observation stations, metering and early-warning devices, electric cars, and lots more. And the number of uses is growing every day. An SFC product was also the first fuel cell in the world to be included as standard equipment in a motor vehicle. It supplies current to the electrical devices on board Hymer S-Class mobile homes.

Customer first

Fuel-cells experts consider us pioneers in a young high-tech market for energy solutions. Our customers consider us the experts for mobile electrical power. Market analysts and investors see us as a dynamic German company with innovative technology and a workable commercial plan. We see ourselves, however, as a business that is here to serve our customers. We’ve made it our goal to market fuel-cell products effectively. Our aim is to establish fuel cells in more and more markets: consumer, healthcare, leisure, or B2B. The number or possible applications for mobile, portable fuel cells is growing constantly.

New ideas for the future

SFC has been the only fuel-cell provider thus far to derive most of its revenue from the sale of its products. We intend to increase our lead with products and solutions that will open up ever new horizons for consumers and industrial users. We’ll be happy to find an energy solution for you, too. Get in touch; we’re always open to new ideas!

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