Ametek Aerospace & Defense

Type of activity:
Engine and Systems
Climate Control Systems
Electrical Equipment

Country: USAUSA

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered and cost effective engine sensor suites, aircraft data management systems, cooling and ventilating systems, environmental control systems, and a variety of sub-assemblies to military and aerospace customers.


  • Business Jets: Very Light to Intercontinental

  • Regional Aircraft: Turboprop and Regional Jets

  • Large Commercial Transport

  • "UAV" Helicopter and Trainers

  • Ocean Vessels: Commercial and Military

  • Military Vehicles: Tracked and Wheeled

  • Helicopters: Business and Military

  • Space: Launch Vehicle, Shuttle Craft and Satellite

  • Military: Transport and Fighter/Bomber


  • Airframe Sensors: Fatigue, Angle of Attack, Position, Proximity, Pressure, Accelerometers, Temperature

  • Air Movement: Fans and Blowers, Electric Heaters

  • Data Acquisition: Multi Input Analog/Discrete, Data Bus Concentration, Engine/Airframe Sensors Interface

  • Engine Sensors: Temperature, Pressure, Flame, Speed, Mass Fuel Flow, Lube Oil Level, Accelerometer, Switches, Electrical Harness

  • Fluid Level Systems: Fuel, Hydraulic, Engine Oil, Water, Waste, Reservoirs

  • Heat Exchangers: Pre-coolers, Condenser/Evaporator, Liquid/Liquid, Liquid/Air

  • NBC Systems: Carbon Filter, Regenerative

  • Power Control & Distribution: Solid State Power Control, Controllers, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Power Distribution Units

  • Thermal Systems: Vapor Cycle, Custom Cooling Assemblies, Engine Cooling Systems

  • Indicators and Displays: Engine and Airframe Monitoring, Standby Engine Indicators, Retrofit Applications

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