Textron Systems

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Running Gear
Stabilization Systems

201 Lowell Street
Wilmington, MA 01887

Country: USAUSA
Phone: +1 987 657 1276
Fax: +1 987 657 6644

Includes: Textron Systems, HR Textron and Textron Marine & Land Systems

Textron Systems is a leading supplier of precision strike weapons, armored vehicles, specialty marine craft, surveillance systems and aircraft control components for aerospace and defence industries in more than 35 countries. Products on display include the Sensor Fused Weapon, air-to-surface smart munition, featuring long-range standoff capability with LongShot, or high altitude release with Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser; Terrain Commander, wide-area, early detection and warning system, capable of providing 24/7 protection of key borders and remote installations; self-righting 47' Motor Lifeboat, operational in virtually any weather; Cadillac Gage Gun Turret Drive Stabilisation Systems, considered the world's most advanced precision-strike, shoot-on- the-move technology of its kind; Textron Systems state-of-the-art family of Cadillac Gage Armored Combat Vehicles, including the rugged and reliable 6X6 LAV 300 MK II and LAV 600; the highly mobile, survivable and C-130 transportable 4X4 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV), and the Stingray II Light Tank.

? (Suspension)
TRAPS (Active protection system)
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