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Engine and Systems

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The enterprise specialized in production of diesel engines of power 55,150-650 HP and 16 KW diesel generator sets on base of VAZ diesel engine, Marine and stationary diesel generator sets of power 30,100,200 KW, 315 KWdiesel-generator sets, also gas engines and gas electric plants of 100 and 200, 300 KW. The manufactured diesel engines are widely used on river and sea-going vessels, multi-axle chassis and all-purpose vehicles, aerodrome machines, shunting locomotives, drilling rigs, stationary and mobile power stations. The enterprise produces economy of engines of VAZ family with engine displacement 1.51., power 55 HP designed to complete VAZ cars, also mini-tractors, self-propelled municipal vehicles and generator sets. We are manufacturing VAZ diesel engines with engine displacement 1.8 I., power 75 HP.

The Barnaultransmach Joint Stock Company has been involved in the design, development and production of diesel engines for land and sea applications since the Second World War,

The current product range for tracked armoured fighting vehicles includes engines for the BMP-1 and BMP-2 (UTD-20) and BMP-3 (UTD-29) infantry combat vehicles and the T-72 (KD-34) MBT.

The KD-34 V12 diesel engine has been designed on the basis of the earlier V-84 diesel but using new materials and parts and assemblies of the UTD-20 and D12N-650 diesel engines.

Other diesel engines manufactured by the company include the 5D-20 V6 diesel developing 179 kW (240 hp) installed in the BMD-1 and BMD-2 airborne assault vehicles.

Further development of the UTD-20 engine by the company has resulted in the improved UTD-23 which has been designed for retrofit applications in the older BMP-1 and BMP-2 vehicles.

This upgraded engine develops 360 hp at 2,600 rpm compared to the 300 hp of the earlier UTD-20. This has been achieved with only minor modifications and supercharging.

KD-34 (Diesel engine)
UTD-20 (Diesel engine)
UTD-23 (Diesel engine)
UTD-29 (Diesel engine)
UTD-32 (Diesel engine)
UTD-32TR (Diesel engine)
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