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Solhusgatan (Gothenburg)
SE - 431 84 Mölndal

Phone: +46 31 747 1959
Fax: +46 31 747 2902

Ericsson Microwave Systems AB is an Ericsson company specializing in sensors and information networks and primarily active in the defence and crisis management market. We develop solutions that provide customers with information superiority. This encompasses advanced airborne, ground-based and naval radar, together with specialist support services, and customer adapted networking information systems.

We are also well positioned to meet the increased demand for information technology and communication networks, primarily built on civilian technology, for military and other governmental customers. In close cooperation with other Ericsson units we provide a unique competence to support the strategic change and technology shift that is denominated the Networked based defence.

We have today some 2000 employees, a majority working with product development including research. The headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our product range include for example:

Helicopter and Aircraft Radio Detection - HARD

HARD is an X-band 3D Search and Acquisition Radar specially designed to be “silent radar" in short range air defence missile systems (SHORADMS). Small size and low weight make it easy to integrate in vehicles of all kind. The integration with C3I systems is based on open standards.

The HARD radar operates with outstanding ECCM and LPI characteristics, resulting in protection against detection, jamming and anti radiation missiles.


ERIEYE is the first high-performance, long-range Airborne Early Warning & Control system based on active phased-array pulse-Doppler radar. It can be installed in military or commercial regional jet or turboprop airliners.

It is a complete AEW&C system, including radar with integrated IFF, electronic support measures, communications and data links, comprehensive command-and-control facilities and self-protection system. ERIEYE is easily integrated into NATO Air Defence Command Systems.


VHF SAR is the only recognized sensor option for wide area surveillance and foliage penetration.

CARABAS™ VHF SAR enables detection of man-made objects such as vehicles, and fencing, whether hidden or in the open. Positioning is within meters at a coverage rate of several square kilometres per second.

The CARABAS™ information is a basic component in a sensor network for ground situation awareness, steering other sensor assets like MTI, high-resolution SAR, EO and ground sensors.


The Ericsson PS-05/A multi-mode radar is providing information superiority to the world’s first operational fourth-generation fighter, GRIPEN. By a push of a button, the pilot can switch between air-to-air, air-to-ground or reconnaissance missions. In international operations, several Gripen can be used in cooperation to survey a no-fly zone. Targets on land, sea and in the air can be located, identified and reported to other aircraft and operational centre via a two-way data link.


ARTHUR - ARTillery HUnting Radar - is developed to be the core element of a future Counter Battery Sensor System. Main task is to suppress the enemy artillery to maintain Freedom of Manoeuvre and provide Force Protection in all types of scenarios.

The tactical flexibility of ARTHUR allows it to be a stand-alone medium range WLR or a long-range weapon locating system, consisting of 2-4 radars working coordinated in a highly mobile and fragmented battlefield.


GIRAFFE AMB is a 3D surveillance radar and Ground Based AD Command Centre providing a network enabled capability designed for:

Ground Based AD

Gap filler

Coastal Surveillance

Terminal Approach Radar

Using multiple digitally shaped beams in elevation, an unparalleled 3D target update rate is combined with flexible altitude coverage and monopulse accuracy in elevation The AMB standard version has a range of 100 km and a altitude coverage of more than 20 kft.

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