346th Mykolayiv Mechanical Armor Repair Plant

Type of activity:
Vehicles Repair

120, 1st Slobodska St.

Phone: +380 (512) 50-89-56
Fax: +380 (512) 50-89-56

For 60 years of production activity the state enterprise Mykolayiv mechanical-repair plant (the 346th armoured repair plant) has become a leader in Ukraine and countries of the CIS among enterprises which are specialized in area of manufacturing and modernization of light armored wheeled materiel. Nomenclature of products which is produced by the plant is very large.

Among them:

  • in 1998 -1 (technical motor workshop for national economy), Kovcheg (armored medical vehicle),

  • in 1999 BRDM-2LD (with the diesel engine SMD- 21-08),

  • in 2000 BTR-70 (with the diesel engine UTD-20),

  • in 2001 BTR-3U (with the diesel engine DEIZ and automatic gearbox),

  • in 2003 BTR-70P (police),

  • in 2007 2008 BTR-70Di and BRDM-2D (with diesel engines of FPT IVEλ Tektor ( EURO-3).

BTR-70D and BRDM-2D were found the most successful products, which successfully have passed the state tests, and repeatedly demonstrated in the exhibitions of armament and took part in the military maneuvers, where they showed, that they considerably exceed existent serial vehicles by its own characteristics, what the relevant certificates and protocols testify to.

The enterprise constantly perfects quality and technical characteristics of producible products. Works are regularly conducted concerning a selection, teaching and training of the engineering personnel and skilled workers of enterprise.

BRDM-2Di HAZAR (Modernization of the vehicle)
BREM - 7K (Repair and recovery vehicle)
BTR-70DI (Modernization of the vehicle)
BTR-70P (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BUG (Weapon station)
INGUL (Weapon station)
KOVCHEG (Ambulance vehicle)
SVITYAZ (Control and command vehicle)
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