Bruker Daltonik GmbH

Type of activity:
NBC Equipment
Contact: Dr. Joachim Stach

Permoserstrasse 15,
D-04318 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 243130
Fax: +49 341 2431 404

Bruker is the only supplier of the complete range of chemical, biological and nuclear detection equipment. It has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of sensitive, easy-to-use military hardened analytical systems. The NBC product. line is based on a broad technological base, including Mass Spectrometry (MS), Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

Bruker Daltonics Inc. is a worldwide leader in supplying mass-spectrometry based products and systems for substance detection and pathogen identification in security, defense, and law enforcement applications. Our products range from hand-held devices for portable, personal use, to large-scale monitoring and detection systems used in aircraft, in ground installations, and even at sea. Our versatile line of products includes detectors for radiation, biological agents, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, pollutants, drugs, contraband, explosives, and environmental compounds. Applications include, but are not limited to, military, security, civil defense, environmental compliance, air monitoring, HVAC monitoring, emergency response, disaster management, point of entry screening, and safety. Bruker Daltonics develops customized software for each instrument and is world renowned for system integration capabilities.

Bruker Daltonics Inc. is the only manufacturer who covers the complete range of chemical, biological, and nuclear detection. The product lines are based on a broad technological platform including mass spectrometry (MS), ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), infrared spectroscopy (IR), as well as others.

Bruker Daltonics Inc. has over 15 years experience in the development, engineering, and manufacturing of sensitive, easy to use, and military hardened analytical systems. Bruker is of course ISO 9001 certified.

The product line includes the SVG 2, which represents the new generation of nuclear radiation detectors. The SVG 2 is a hand-held, hardened micro-processor controlled radiation detector, based on state-of-the-art semiconductor technology. It is equipped with integrated sensors for gamma and neutron radiation detection, an external personal dosimeter, and an external a/b-g probe. A broad range for g-dose rate is covered (10 nGy/h - 20 Gy/h).

The Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer (CBMS) is a military ruggedized mobile ion trap mass spectrometer for the identification of chemical warfare agents and the classification biological warfare agents. The CBMS, equipped with a virtual impactor and pyrolyzer, is capable of detecting and classifying biological warfare agents in three (3) minutes. The CBMS is used in the US Army's Biological Integrated Detection System or BIDS.

The EM 640/640S is a mobile mass spectrometer for fast on site detection of hazardous compounds from air, soil, and liquids. The rugged GC/MS system is designed for fast and simple on site assessment of chemical catastrophes and environmental accidents involving organic compounds.

The Rapid Alarm and Identification Devices (RAID) use state of the art IMS technology in detecting chemical warfare agents. The RAID instruments are hand held, portable and mounted chemical warfare agent and toxic chemical compound detectors with automatic alarm functions. These detectors can be operated in the field, on vehicles or ships, and in buildings. A mounted version, the RAID-S in the picture, is designed for long term operation as a trace gas detector in buildings, even as a detector for high volume air conditioning and heating systems.

The RAPID is a long distance detection system for chemical defense, security, disaster management, and pollution control. RAPID is based on infrared technology and has the ability to scan the horizon automatically. It can remotely identify most known chemical warfare agents, as well as many important toxic industrial chemicals, over distances of several kilometers. This rugged detector may be mounted on several platforms, and can even detect on the move. The RAPID mounted on a tripod is pictured left.

The Mobile Mass Spectrometer (MM1) for reconnaissance vehicles is an extremely rugged and field proven GC/MS system for chemical warfare agent detection. The MM1 is the key component in NBC reconnaissance vehicles for no less than the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The MM1 played a key role in Operation Desert Storm.

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