ZVS Holding, a.s.

Type of activity:
Contact: Dipl.Eng. Miroslav Solava

L. Stura 1, 018 41 Dubnica nad Vahom

Phone: +421 42 4422188
Fax: +421 42 4422529

30mm rounds determined for cannons 2A42, 2A38:30mm HE with tracer, 30mm HE-T with tracer, 30mm AP-T with tracer, 30mm HE-I / B1(98)mm HE mortar bombs / 120mm HE mortar bombs / 122mm HE rockets-determined for rocket launchers BM 21 or RM 70 / 122mm uniform rocket container projectiles AGAT - determined for rocket launchers of RM 70 or BM-21 /122mm war heads with container anti-tank mines KRIZNA-determined for rocket launchers of RM 70 or BM-21 / 125mm rounds-determined for tank cannon T-72 and cannons of type D-81: 125mm HE subdivided with stabiliser, 125mm HE practice, subdivided with tracer, 125mm APFSOS-T / 155mm HE Nub bullets with generator-determined for 155mm self-propelled gun howitzer / Anti-tank guided missiles 9M 113.

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