Instalaza S.A.

Type of activity:
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Contact: Luis Barron

Nunez de Balboa, 103, 1a Floor, 28006 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 561 88
Fax: +34 91 562 50

INSTALAZA, S.A is a privately-owned company founded in 1943.

The present product list includes:

  • C90 family of shoulder-fired, disposable light weapon systems: anti tank, anti-armour/anti-personnel, smoke/incendiary and anti-bunker (with tandem warhead). Possible used as (off-route) mine.

  • VN38-C night vision device specifically designed for the C90 family that is also used for surveillance up to 1200m.

  • ALCOTAN -100 assault weapon system, tandem anti tank, anti-armour/anti-personnel and anti-bunker ammunitions, and VOSEL opto-electronic fire control unit fitted with laser range-finding, day/night vision and computing unit that shows future aiming point.

  • MAT-120 cargo mortar bomb for 120mm mortars, with 2l anti-tank/anti-personnel submunitions, each one with an electronic impact fuse with self-destruct and self-neutralisation features.

  • ALHAMBRA controlled fragmentation hand grenade, with mechanic-electronic dual time fuse. The electrical energy is only generated after the grenade has been thrown. All fuses functioning are 100 per cent in-house tested.

INSTALAZA, S.A. has an on-going investigation programme.

ALCOTAN-100 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
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