KLIMOV Corporation

Type of activity:
Engine and Systems

11, Kantemirovskaya str.,

Phone: +7(812) 301-9050
Fax: +7(812) 301-9042

Design, production and maintenance of aviation, tank and marine gas turbine engines and also mobile power plants based on gas turbine engines. Certified production of VK-2500, TV3-117 and TV7-117S engines, overhaul and local repair of TV3-117 engine of all modifications and TV7-117S engines. Design of the engines of new generations. Design and production of digital automatic control and monitoring units of a new generation for the gas turbine engines.

Basic designs: RD-33 and its modifications, thrust vectoring nozzle (MiG-29), RD-33N military engines; GTD-350 (Mi-2), TV2-117 (Mi-8), TVS-117 and VK-2500 (Mi-8MT, Mi-17, Mi-14, Mi-24, Mi-25, Mi-35, Mi-28, Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32, Ka-50, Ka-52), TV7-117V (Mi-38), VK-800 turboshaft engines; TV7-117S and its modifications (IL-114), TV3-117VMA-SBM1 (An-140), VK-1500 (An-3, Be-132) turboprop engines; GTD-1000T/TF and GTD-1250 (T-80, Black Eagle) tank engines; VR-2, VR-8, VR-14, VR-24, VR-252, VR-80 helicopter main gearboxes; AADG for MiG-29; GTDE-117 and VK-100 gas turbine engines-power plants for RD-33 and AL-31F engines.

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