Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant FSUE PU

Type of activity:
Sighting Systems
Night Vision Devices
Fire Control Systems
Laser Range Finders

179/2, Dusi Kovalchuk str.,

Phone: (3832) 28-52-59
Fax: (3832)26-15-94

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Unity Novosibirsk Instrument Engineering Plant is the oldest enterprise in Russia which has a scientific, technical and productions potentials to be used in development and manufacture of optomechanical and optoelectronical products.

Our plant manufactures the following:

for defense fields:

day-light and night sight sights for sniper rifles and light automatic weapons;

  • optical sights for mortar;

  • sights and fire control systems for grenade launchers;

  • observation monoculars and binoculars;

  • optical devices for terrain orientation ;

  • day-light and night devices for artillery weapons;

  • laser simulators of fire and hit for training in field conditions;

  • day-light night vision and thermal devices and

  • re and control systems for armored vehicles.

1G46 (Gunner's sight)
1P-22 (Artillery fire control system)
1PN61 (Driver's night vision device)
1PN71 (Driver's night vision device)
2E36-4 (Stabilizer)
2E36-5 (Stabilizer)
2E42-4 (Stabilizer)
BPK2-42 (Sight)
KVK10-T (Anti-aircraft sight)
PG-2 (Artillery fire control system)
Sosna-U (Gunner's sight)
T01-K04 (Commander's sighting system)
TKN-1SM (Commander's vision device)
TKN-3M (Commander's sighting system)
TKN-3MK (Commander's sighting system)
TKN-3VM (Commander's sighting system)
TKN-4S (Commander's sighting system)
TNA-4 (Navigation equipment)
TPD-K1 (Gunner's sight)
TVK (Driver's vision device)
TVK-1 (Driver's vision device)
TVK-2 (Driver's vision device)
TVK-3 (Driver's vision device)
TVM-1 (Thermal imaging camera)
Vesna-K (Gunner's sight)
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