Armet Armored Vehicles - AAVI

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: Managing Director. James Campbell

PO Box 273
King City
Ontario, Canada
L7B 1A6

Phone: +1 905 833 2221
Fax: +1 905 833 6204

The Armet Armored Group of Companies has three facilities manufacturing its armour composites and the armouring of vehicles. The first facility is located in Concord, Ontario Canada; the second in Largo Florida, USA and the third location is in Marsa, Republic of Malta.

The company maintains an automotive service centre and sales office in Moscow that is responsible for marketing in Russia and the CIS. Western European and North African sales are the responsibility of a marketing Director based in England. Sales in other territories are split between the US and Canadian offices.

For over 25 years Armet has been serving its clients world wide, and has become one of the most respected names in the armouring industry. Armet has achieved its impeccable worldwide standing as a result of customer referrals and repeated business to Heads of State, Diplomats, Government agencies, Multinational corporations, Police Forces and discriminating individuals.

The company supplies armoured vehicles to various governments in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf regions on an ongoing basis. Over the past several years, Armet has had the privilege of supplying many Governments including various departments of the Russian Government, both inside and outside the Country.

In 1999 Armet commenced the manufacture of the Balkan, a light armored vehicle that has the capacity, after armoring, to defeat armored piercing (AP) rounds while at the same time, allowing a payload capacity in excess of 1500kg. Many governments have since filled their LAV armoring requirements with the Balkan. One of the key reasons for the success of the Balkan is due to the commercial availability of spare parts Worldwide.

Armetís armoured vehicle models include a riot control vehicle mounting the WASP pulsating water cannon system. The equipment is installed on either North American or European chassis. Armoured command and control trucks and explosive disposal vehicles form a strong part of Armetís current armouring program. Additionally, armoured troop transporters, based on European and North American ďoff the shelf ď chassis have become a product that has experienced success due to the competitive advantage of using a cost effective commercial chassis for armoured transportation.

Armetís research work is concentrated in the field of ballistics and blast protection. Armet not only rigorously tests the types of ammunition presently available, but also explores ammunition that might become available to terrorists during the next decade. Armet aims to be ready to meet each new threat as it emerges. The company attributes its strong position in armouring technology in part, to its in-house ballistic testing laboratory and the generous support of the Fire Test Laboratory of the Ministry of the Interior, of the Russian Federation. For independent analysis, armouring materials are submitted for approval to H. P. White in the United States and to other Government testing authorities in Europe for certification.

Armouring is a very complex art. Multifaceted armoring materials based on ceramic tiles are assembled at Armetís facilities. Armet uses its own proprietary installation techniques in the manufacture of armor and its installation in vehicles.

BALKAN MK7 (Armoured car)
COMBAT PTV (Armoured car)
SNIPER LAPV (Armoured car)
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