Darkos, Inc.

Type of activity:
Sighting Systems
Night Vision Devices

77, Schelkovskoe road,

Phone: +(095) 460-1377
Fax: +(095) 460-4066

Joint Stock Company źDARKOS╗ (Darkos, Inc.) was launched in February of 1997 following the joint decision of the Federal Foundation for the Development of Electronics and of the Department of Electronic Industry of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

More than 15 enterprises of defense industry specializing on fundamental research and industrial production of night vision devices joint the company as its founders.

The primary mission of źDarkos, Inc.╗ consists of elaboration of new high technologies and of creation on this basis of industrial output of night vision devices and optical electronic transformers for the needs of law enforcement, defense and security agencies. Technological and engineering potential of the company has no equals except a few leading manufacturers of night vision devices in the world, located in the USA, Israel and Holland. This fact tells of the high potency of the newly created company.

Today the Joint Stock Company źDARKOS╗ represents a consolidated association of partners, linked in-between not only by the frames of their status of share holders, but by far more essential factors such as reciprocal penetration of production, technological and research interests, stemming from mighty economic and financial philosophy of the company. This philosophy is supported by the findings about corporate prospects and consumption capacity of both domestic and international markets.

Under the terms of to-days economic situation extremely meaningful is the fact that źDarkos, Inc.╗ as an export oriented company has manufacturing and technological processes which form an internal circle of self sufficient production lines with 100% duplication. This fact assures the fulfillment of all the contract obligations of the company.

Commenting upon the financial and commodity possibilities of źDarkos, Inc.╗ to operate in the market of night vision devices and technologies, one can say with confidence that źDarkos, Inc.╗, though the company is not a monopolist, plays a significant role and may affect the market situation with regard to both professional and non-professional night vision devices.

Technical policy of the Joint Stock Company źDarkos╗ made it possible not only to use production and research potentialities more efficiently and to secure work load for Moscow and regional production sites in Russia, but it also gave an opportunity to create additional work places along with high rate production profitability for all its founders.

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