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Type of activity:
NBC Equipment
Contact: Mr. Jehudah Fehlauer

Avshalom Road 1,
P.O. Box 166
Zikhron Yaaqov 30951

Phone: +972 4 629 9906
Fax: +972 4 629 9900

Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd is a leading developer and manufacturer of NBC-protection systems, blast protection equipment, aircleaner assemblies for vehicles with all related components and other associated products.

We have earned our reputation for designing customized solutions for all applications of which some of our activities include:


We supply filtration and blast protection equipment for bomb shelters and have a large track record and international recognition (collaboration with several armies and the local civil defence authorities and their relevant counterparts abroad). Highlights of these systems are minimal installation requirements, enhanced explosion protection, extremely high filtration efficiency and simple operation.


NBC-protected field tents and complete turnkey projects (such as mobile field hospitals, decontamination platoons, mobile command posts, etc.) include sophisticated airlock systems, NBC-tight split air conditioning units, toilet systems, decontamination showers and other auxiliary equipment. Patented systems for extremely high purging rates, low noise level, highest reliability, highest redundancy capabilities, ballistic protection, easy combination with other tent/container systems and other equipment such as generators, are only a few key features of these systems.

Inflatable NBC-protected tents, hybrid shelters, containerized rapid-deployment centres, etc. are additional products from this line.


We supply filtration systems for vehicles (with related equipment such as dynamical filtration for sand and dust for the motors, etc.), naval ships and vessels. Highlights include heavy duty high performance in extreme weather and terrain conditions such as in the desert, optional battery back up and easy transition between ventilation and NBC-filtration mode.


Filtration systems for containers and mobile shelters (field hospitals, communication shelters, radar stations, command posts, etc.) are supplied for many different armies. These systems withstand the most severe environmental impacts and provide maximal protection while having low procurement and in-service costs.


NBC-resistant chambers for indoor applications of all kinds have been delivered to military, governmental, industrial and private customers. A wide range of tents are available, beginning from the family sized Rainbow Tent System up to the protection of large army command posts or hospital applications. Further options, such as wardrobe tents, enable protection of huge spaces within seconds while being kept unseen during times of peace (hidden in the wardrobe). Under-pressure systems for isolation chambers increase the versatility of the systems such as in the case of infectious diseases requiring protection for the outside environment (e.g. SARS).


We produce small mobile/stationary NBC-protection systems for compartments with new (patented) filtration technologies. Lowest purchase price, battery and manual backup, visible indication of overpressure and other unique features make these systems an unbeatable solution for small compartments.


Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd has become a supplier to NATO forces, PfP armies and many other forces in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Included in our growing list of satisfied customers are various Governmental Institutes, as well as Home Front Command units, Fire Brigades and Police Forces.

Our outstanding reputation is renowned in the civilian sectors, having implemented hundreds of projects in skyscrapers, airports, hotels, all major hospitals in Israel, retirement homes, schools, kindergartens and thousands of installations in the private market/homes each year.

Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd has excellent design, testing, manufacturing and installation capabilities and facilities for all aspects of NBC protection systems. Our systems have been tested extensively in worldwide climates and are proven for the highest performance, user-friendliness and heavy-duty design.

We have been certified for ISO 9001 and AQAP-120 quality management systems and are audited regularly by external entities.

Armies, military authorized institutions, various civil defence commands, foreign institutes and authorities have also given their stamp of approval to various systems.

We have a newly developed NBC filtration system for vehicles that features a highly efficient cyclone filter (prevents clogging of NBC filter), minimal aging of the carbon (due to insensitivity to moisture), additional adsorption of toxic industrial chemicals and effective capability for 24/7 operation, in even the most severe conditions. Due to the Modular concept, the system can be calibrated to various airflows while still maintaining the same consumables.

The system is from the family of compact modular, highly efficient ventilation and NBC-filtration units which are built into the chassis of military vehicles supplying clean air during times of peace or filtered air during times of NBC-contamination.

The ever present climaxed threat of unconventional warfare is totally unpredictable and gives no pre-alert or time to prepare. Solutions need to be readily accessible and able to function for an undetermined amount of time. This critical moment, is always hanging in the air. Peace keeping troops during international operations need protection to carry out their maneuvers. The system has all the necessary features to provide the protection in such situations. Filtered air is introduced into the vehicle creating a positive pressure thereby preventing the penetration of contaminated air, relieving the occupants from wearing gas masks or personal protective clothing. The purified air exhausts through an overpressure valve, which regulates the positive pressure inside the compartment.

The highly efficient cyclone filter, which is succeeded by a dust filter, prevents the clogging of the NBC-filter cartridges, rendering them efficient for lengthy periods of time even in the most harsh and or dusty environments. The insensitivity to moisture minimizes the aging process thereby adding tremendous benefits by extending the shelf life beyond the standard systems on the market today. The system is capable of running continuously for prolonged periods of time (24/7 operation mode) providing effective protection, as well as ease of mind, to the personnel inside the vehicle.

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