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Although Barbed Tape has an natural association with detention facilities and escape prevention, an objective analysis of its full application potential is reflected in the term "Barrier". Whether concerned with egress or ingress, barbed tape remains the most practical, most effective, and least costly method of boundary definition, be it temporary or permanent.

DETAINER HOOK BARB The Ultimate Fence Topping is recommended for use as a top coil in any configuration; its unique barb design underscores the intensity needed for high security operations. The fishhook type detaining barb and increased barb angle enhances the snagging potential, maximizing the delay factor. This "double hook" barb can be added to any MAZE or SuperMaze product. Detainer Hook’s barb extends beyond the circumference of the coil, increasing the tendency of the barb to hook objects passing above. Available in 25", 31", 37", 41". and 61" diameters.

RAZOR RIBBON MAZE® and SUPERMAZE® barbed tape products have been supplied to correctional facilities on six continents, and are internationally recognized as the industry standard in terms of both quality and design. All products are manufactured from 430 series stainless steel.

MAZE and SUPERMAZE refer to concertina products that have adjacent loops clipped together in 3, 5, 7, or 9 equidistant locations around the circumference. The loop attachments predetermine a fixed spacing and coil length for this reinforced material. Available in 18", 24", 30", 36" and 60". The rigidity of the coil is reinforced by these clips and offers a formidable barrier for many security applications.

INSTABARRIER This is a welded, non-reinforced barbed tape with a jacketed stainless steel wire rope affixing the spacing at 12". Manufactured from austenitic stainless steel, INSTABARRIER offers superior corrosion protection along with a spring quality allowing it to snap back and envelope an intruder or escapee. As with most barbed tape products, INSTABARRIER is available in 18", 24", 30", 40" and 60" diameters, and will remain trouble free for permanent installations even when exposed to adverse weather conditions and or corrosive environments. For temporary defensive barriers, the product of choice for over twenty years has been INSTABARRIER.

INSTABARRIER can also be utilized in conjunction with our reinforced RAZOR RIBBON products for permanent defensive positions. This type of barrier is especially effective in a pyramid or stacked configuration making effective use of the collapsible nature of INSTABARRIER complementing the rigidity of the double hook DETAINER HOOK BARB or SUPERMAZE. Used as a perimeter defense around an encampment, industrial complex, or nuclear facility, this alignment has proved to be the ultimate physical barrier.


The HATBOX is a self contained, fully mobile canister into which a 50’ (15 M) INSTABARRIER coil is encased. The stored unit, in time of crisis, can be readily transported and deployed as a temporary barrier or for confinement purposes. Upon termination of the emergency, the coil simply redeploys into the canister. When every second counts in containing an escalating danger or a disturbance that threatens to spiral out of control, there is simply no substitute for HATBOX Rapid Deployment Units. The HATBOX is 32. 5" in diameter, 11.5" deep, weights less than 65 pounds. The stainless steel coil is easily removed from the container and can be attached to a wall bracket or fixture.

Coils can also be attached together to extend perimeters or confinement areas. The unit is concealed in an unobtrusive black shock resistant plastic container equipped with handles both on top and on the sides. It can be readily carried by one or two persons.

ALLIED TUBE & CONDUIT provides technical advice and specification assistance for all barbed tape products.

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