A.O.B. Technologies Ltd.

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: Zvi Avivi

24 Giborey Irael St.
P.O. Box 8169
New Industrtrial Zone,
Netanya 42504

Phone: +972 9 835 7679
Fax: +972 9 885 9046

A.O.B. Technologies is a unique engineering company leading in design and manufacturing of upgrading and modification automotive and mechanical solutions for combat vehicles. During its 15 years A.O.B. has provided technical solutions to more than 10 armies around the world, seeking smart and less expensive solutions. A.O.B. relative advantages over much bigger companies is its compact organisation concept that allows fast decision making, its in-house vast engineering expertise and self developed know-how that allows it to offer solutions when bigger companies are "too big" for the problem, and at a very reasonable price.

A.O.B. is a privately owned Israeli company whose offices are situated in Netanya, which manufactures its products by ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 qualified manufacturers, generally at the Project countries' industries.

A.O.B. is an authorized supplier and exporter by the Israeli Ministry of Defence; it is recognized as a NATO supplier as well as by other governments and military establishments.

Modification approach and solutions:

M113 family of vehicles modification packages A.O.B. developed several add-on kits for all types of M113 A1/A2 and A3 modification system to allow higher weight carrying by 15 ton class suspension kit, improved final drives, and higher performances power-packs.

A.O.B. developed safety and human ergonometric improvements for in-service M113 A1/A2 combat vehicles by replacing steering and braking systems to steering wheel and brake pedals.

Wheeled vehicles upgrading A.O.B. converted in-service gasoline A.P.C.s into modern Diesel power-pack and modern road traffic regulations compatibilities combat vehicles.

A.O.B. modified in service vehicles for higher safety performances when additional weight (i.e. add-on armour) is required.

Special purpose vehicles modifications A.O.B. modified combat vehicles into special purpose vehicles like Leopard 1 tanks into A.R.V. etc.

Tanks A.O.B. supports MBT modification by design, manufacture and installation of automotive systems and hull integrations like M-60 family of vehicles.

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