Phonak Communications AG

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Langgasse 17
CH-3280 Murten

Phone: 0041 26 672 9672
Fax: 0041 26 672 3344

Phonak Communications AG was founded 1992 in Murten, Switzerland. It is a subsidiary of Phonak Holding in Stäfa, near Zurich. The company is specialized in development, production and distribution of extreme miniaturized communication systems. Products include phonito inductive receivers, microEar VHF receivers and a complete range of radio accessories. Nowadays the product range has been expanded with profiCom, fireCom and MH-3 Tactical Headset.

phonito Inductive Receivers

In the 1970s, Phonak became a pioneer in the industry by being the first company to launch an in-ear-inductive receiver on the market. Since then, new technology has continuously been incorporated into these devices to adapt them to the users needs. Squelch circuit, noise filters, automatic loudness limiter, battery end-of-life circuit, etc. are just a few features accounting for the uniqueness of these products. phonito Intra® and phonito BTE (behind the ear) are two further product achievements built on the successful phonito standard.

microEar VHF receivers

The microEar VHF radio receivers are, even though since ten years on the market, the smallest narrow-band RF receivers in the world. Fitted with just a single A10 or A13 battery (BTE version), they can receive for over 30 hours. Depending on the power of the transmitter, information can be sent directly to the ear of a wearer over a distance of several hundred metres without requiring a single cable or any other piece of equipment. Tiny in size – big in performance. Automatic squelch circuit, noise filter, high sensitivity, automatic frequency control – all these features and more in a unit weighting less than 5 grams. A feather weight with the making of a champion.


The accessories from Phonak Communications are manufactured only with quality materials and have proven themselves thousands of times over in the field. Key factors are ease of operation, reparability and ruggedness. To ensure the best speech quality, Phonak built on her experience in hearing aid construction when designing the microphones. This feature is particularly important when they are used in conjunction with modern radio systems which incorporate digital end encrypted transmissions.


Reliable, waterproof, cost effective - These are just a few highlights to describe the advantages of the fireCom headset. It’s speciality is the simple but revolutionary design. The microphone and the speaker are built in a single unit, which allows putting it on a helmet in a few seconds. The helmet adapters are a combination of a clamp and an acoustical tube for the integration of the microphone-headphone unit. Adapters and clamps in various configurations allow putting the fireCom headset on different helmets for fire brigades, police, military and construction. In case the adapter is not used to carry the microphone-speaker unit, a Mini Maglite AA can be put in instead.

fireCom will be supplied with a large and robust body worn PTT (press to talk). It is IP54 approved and contains also the electronics for the adaptation of the whole system to the customers’ radio. To prevent from unintentional pressing, a protective ring is supplied with the PTT.

The complete system is made of high quality and heat resistant material. Explosive approved versions are also available.


The profiCom headset is a new generation of lightweight neckband headset with a noise cancelling electret-microphone, manual PTT(press to talk) and suitable radio connector. profiCom is specially designed for people who need a lightweight, stable, easy neckband solution, with high transmission quality. As an independent helmet accessory, it allows complete freedom of movement.

profiCom contains a microphone-headphone unit. Incorporating an electret boom microphone and a soft earphone, which is worn directly over the centre of the ear, it offers a high level of comfort and features an individual in-ear-gain. A loudness limiter prevents from unnecessarily high noise levels.

The unique frame system is designed to handle harsh environments and makes it suitable for extended wear by professional users.

Typical applications for profiCom are SWAT Teams, SRT, HRT, Bike patrol, Motorcycle patrol, Mounted patrol, Builders, Dockers, etc. profiCom fits with most helmets.

MH-3 Tactical Headset

The new MH-3 low profile headset is a high quality bone vibrator type headset. Voice reception is achieved by converting audio signals from the radio to vibrations that conduct through the facial bones to the user’s auditory system. Widely used by law enforcement and military teams, MH-3 headsets combine state of the art microphone technology with bone vibrating audio transducers for accurate and reliable two-way radio communication in most tactical environments. Rugged, lightweight low profile design fits on your face so that it can be easily worn with helmets, gas masks and balaclavas. Comfortable, even after hours of extended wear. Frame resists salt water and chemical corrosion.


The Phonak Communications has a clear and straightforward strategy – products must be as small as possible and offer maximum speech quality. The company will focus on continuous advancement to fulfil the users needs.

The worldwide distribution network will be constantly enlarged to offer best possible service and consultation on the spot. A good relationship with the customers is one of the key factors for the success of a company and its products.

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