Peltor AB

Type of activity:
Contact: Par Karlsson

Box 2341,
331 02 Varnamo

Phone: +46 370 656582
Fax: +46 370 694280

World leader in hearing protection and communication system.

The Peltor product range is founded on over 50 years of research and experience. This strength has brought Peltor to its current position as world-leader in hearing protection and communication in noisy environments. The wide range of products covers everything from passive hearing protection to active noise reduction and headsets with built-in communication system.

We all know that a soldierís senses must be sharp to enable him to operate successfully. Hearing is as critical as vision, both in darkness and daylight. He must be able to hear incoming radio signals without the risk of revealing his location. He needs to be able hear and locate a snapping twig or a whispered message, and be able to communicate unhindered over the radio, even in deafening combat situations.

For all noisy situations itís always a Peltor solution.

Peltor is a part of Aearo Inc in Indianapolis USA.

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