Zaktady Produkcji Specjalnej - ZPS Sp. z o.o.

Type of activity:

Ul. Zaktadowa 7
26-670 PIONKI

Phone: +48 48 385 21 75
Fax: +48 48 385 22 55

ZPS develops continuously and takes greatest care to meet the quality requirements of its customers. Our implementing and obtaining of the quality management certificates under PN-EN 9001:2001 and NATO AQAP 110 is a proof of this.

ZPS draws on the experience from its long-standing and well-established cooperation with scientific and research institutes connected with the Polish defense industry, i.e. the Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU) in Zielonka n/Warsaw and the Military Institute of Engineering Technology (WITI)in Wroclaw. The Company employs experienced engineering and technical staff whose chief merit is a perfect knowledge of the technology and know-how used for the implementation of complicated industrial production processes, both military and civilian, that are unique in Poland. Most of ZPS products is based on its own technologies developed by its staff as well as technologies developed in cooperation with national scientific and research entities.

The Company's basic business is the production f weapons and ammunitions. ZPS manufactures the following products:

  • line charges for clearing mines

  • 125 mm separate loading tank ammunition

  • howitzer and mortar propelling charges

  • nitrocellulose propellants

  • 26 mm and 40 mm signal ammunition

  • safety fuses

  • black, pyrotechnical and safety-fuse powders

  • nitroglycerine-based propellant paste plastic explosives

Our 125 mm tank ammunition is high-class separate loading tank cartridges. The following tactical and training rounds are manufactured:

  • armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarded sabot, APFSDS-T

  • high-explosive anti-tank, HEAT

  • high-explosive, HE

  • cannon fire imitating round, ISA

Any army in the world has both new and old generation weapons for economical reasons.

Our latest product is 120 mm tank ammo family. This includes 120 mm APFSDS-T-TP and 120 mm HE-TP practice rounds. These are one-piece cartridges intended for effective training of tank crews in places where it is not possible to use tactical ammunition for training due to its maximum range. The performance of our training ammo meets the relevant standards.

We have started the manufacture of 120 mm HE type cartridge and are preparing the production of 120 mm APFSDS.

In addition, we offer cooperation in production, R&D projects and domestic/international trade.

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