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Finca Consulting BV is a Dutch privately owned company active in the Aerospace & Defence market. Finca provides individual advice on offset obligations and industrial participation projects for foreign Defence companies delivering or intending to deliver to the Netherlands Armed Forces. Finca also functions as interface between defence products businesses and the Netherlands Armed Forces and/or security related organizations. Furthermore, we supply Marketing & Sales services for Dutch SME companies. Finca is the founder of the Aerospace & Defence Network internet portal (

Finca's network in the Aerospace and Defence market is the hallmark of many years of experience. It stretches from commercial industries to non-profit, governmental, and defence organizations. Finca is well suited to assist you in adapting to the complex Aerospace & Defence market and ready to serve you too in the near future.

Marketing & Sales

Doing business in the dynamic and complex Aerospace & Defence (ASD) market requires knowledge and up-to-date information. Besides, a good deal of relation marketing is essential. If you should choose to penetrate or grow in this market, this will draw heavily on your available marketing and sales capacity. Therefore many Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are daunted by the necessary investments and risks, and refrain from any further enterprises in this field.

Finca offers a series of services with which to investigate your potential, or strengthen your position, in the ASD-market. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on your ongoing marketing and sales activities. Our services range from screening and improving your organizational skills, up to full representation of your company in the ASD-market.

Offset Management

As supplier to the Armed Forces it is your business to provide high quality products at a competitive price. Additionally, you will also need a clear insight in offset and/or industrial participation mechanisms, in order to further improve your success rate in the international arena. Taking offset requirements seriously from the very start will strengthen your position against competitors.

Finca focuses on effective offset fulfilments for foreign companies towards European countries, and The Netherlands in particular. By making use of the specific offset requirements of each country, we create highly effective offset strategies.

Finca creates effective direct/indirect offset programs together with the local (Defence) industry by value added subcontracting, and indirect offset programs focused on realization of new export opportunities for the local industry. If an offset agreement involves multiple nations, Finca is confident to rely on a network of international partners.

Product Representation

Especially for foreign companies who want to expand their business in the Dutch Aerospace & Defence market Finca Consulting provides local representations. If you are considering such a market entrance in the Netherlands we can help you position your business to compete more effectively. Our main focus is on products for Simulation, Communication, Network platforms, Sensors, and NBC-defence.

Aerospace & Defence Network

The Aerospace & Defence Network is a business promoting network on the Internet for the Aerospace and Defence community. We offer Business news, Source information, Events data, and Public Relations & Media Communication products.

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