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Republican Unitary Enterprise 'Display' for over 20 years has specialized in the production of means of information display, meant for service under severe operating conditions. D/o 'Display' carries out its activities in the following directions:

1.Development and production of video monitors on cathode-ray tubes, liquid crystal and plasma panels.

2.Development and production of panel and portable PCs.

3.Development and production of displays on liquid crystal panels for aviation multipurpose indicators.

4.Development and production of accompanying products and non-standard instrumentation for work with the manufactured articles.

D/o 'Display' possesses the working area of the order of 1000 m2 and the whole complex of production equipment. The complex system of production quality control, operating at the enterprise, ensures the production of high-quality goods. The structure of Quality Control Service includes: group of reliability, group of quality, group of inspection control, group of incoming control and group of technical control. In 2002 the production was certificated by the body of "Military Register" system and the quality system of ISO 9000 standard was introduced at the enterprise.

D/o 'Display' is one of the chief developers and manufacturers of the information display devices (video monitors) for special-purpose computer facilities in CIS countries.

The enterprise has developed and mastered the production of video monitors on colour cathode-ray tubes with screen diagonal from 37 to 84 cm(14"-32") and on liquid crystal panels with screen diagonal 12-115cm (5"-46"). The monitor of collective operating on plasma panel with screen diagonal 125 cm has been developed for usage in the mobile system of automated control.

D/o 'Display has produced unique system of information display, ordered by the defense Ministry of the republic of Belarus. In CIS countries that is the only screen with 13 m diagonal, the resolution of which comprises 2500 to 2000 points.

The enterprise is the only developer and manufacturer of means of information display within the framework of the programme "Integration of Means of Computer Engineering".

The given booklet offers information about products developed and manufactured at D/o 'Display', as well as main lines of development in the coming years. Technical characteristics of developed and produced display devices fully comply with The requirements to modern computer complexes and covers practically the whole range of their standard sizes in terms of screen size and resolution as well as operating conditions. A set of monitors belongs therewith to the so-called devices of interspecific application, what makes it possible to use them in mobile ground- , sea- and, in some cases, air-based objects. All products are delivered with receipt "5".

Monitors on cathode-ray tubes comprise monochrome and full-colour ones, working both from PC and television signal.

Taking into account the current state and trends in the progress of information display devices, one of the key lines in their development is the use of flat paneled devices. In the process of monitor development the enterprise considers not only up-to-date requirements, but the possibility of their use together with computers of previous generations; therefore nearly all produced monitors have multiple operating levels (of 'multiscan' type) and have a standard interface, compatible with PC IBM, PC (RGB, SSI, KSI).

One of the new lines of D/o's activities is the development of aviation displays on liquid crystal panels for aircraft of the 4th - 5th generations. A peculiarity of these products is a possibility of use not only under severe working conditions, but the provision of information display at high outside gating (up to 75 000 lx).

The development of information display devices being the chief line, D/o's activities are not restricted to that. In recent years a series of paneled PCs with a liquid crystal screen of 38, 45 and 51 cm, as well as portable PCs for field operating conditions with a 38 cm liquid crystal screen have been developed and put into production.

A series of devices of attendant application has been developed at the enterprise. These are various kinds of instrumentation, as well as splitters and commutators of video signals.

If ordered, necessary finishing in the produced articles can be carried out to ensure their full adaptation to various systems and complexes.

The presented materials are solely informational and can't serve as a basis for engineering work. Besides, the range of developed and manufactured products is constantly broadened. That is why we recommend to address all the issues of development and use of our products to the enterprise.

D/o 'Display' is ready to contribute to the realization of new projects, purpose-oriented programmes, research and experimental developments.

Panorama (All-round vision device)
PZhK-16 (Monitor)
VMTs-16ZhK (Monitor)
VMTsM-16 (Monitor)
VMTsM-31.1 (Monitor)
VMTsM-31.3 (Monitor)
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