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Contact: Robert Kasprzak, President

7 Lochwynd Court, Phoenix, MD 21131

Country: USAUSA
Phone: +01 410 343 7355

ROROCOR, LLC represents many defense industry firms , from small firms producing unique world class items to larger companies with products that can enhance a country’s defense against terrorism and threats from a neighboring country.

ROROCOR is always looking for companies to join this unique arrangement. We offer Military Equipment from a wide range of Defense Firms.

Those are just examples of equipment and systems we offer:

  • Military Vehicles

  • Special Vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Bank Cars

  • Buses & Minibuses

  • Ammunition Demilitarization

  • Security Personnel Protection

  • Safe Storing of Explosives

  • Safe Transport of Explosives

  • Protection of Sensitive Information

  • Battlefield Management Systems and Fire Control Systems (artillery)

  • Military Communication

  • Digital Intercom Systems

  • Ruggedized computers and terminals for modern military solutions

  • Complex Military Telecommunication and Teleinformatics solutions

  • Integrated Data Transmission,Management and Safe Exchange Information Systems

  • Mobile Radio-Monitoring Stations (MRMS)

  • HF Radio Acces Subsystem

  • Digital Telecommuting Device

  • Laser Warning Receiver System

  • The tanker truck distributors

  • Tank for water transportation and distribution

  • Containers for potable water

  • The Container Refueling Station

  • The Field Pipelines

  • Device for mass refueling of canisters

  • Kitchen trailers

  • Tanker truck - distributor set

  • Four seater twin-engine aircraft

  • Two seater civilian/military training Jet

  • Multispectral camouflage coating

  • Multispectral camouflage uniforms

  • Military Tents

Logistic equipment:

  • Maintenance Pneumatic Tents,

  • Large dimension Pneumatic Tents, Camp Bases,

Rescue and protection:

  • Protective Clothes, Decontamination, Rescue Tents

  • Personal parachutes

  • Braking Parachutes

  • Stabilizing Parachutes

  • Paraglides & Sky Rescue Systems

  • Windsocks

Marine systems:

  • Hydrographic system,

  • Sea bottom survey,

Monitoring and control systems,

  • Dynamic positioning system (DSP)

Security systems

  • Circular safeguard system,

  • The objects protection system,

  • Vehicle tracking system

Target ranges:

  • The remote controller of the battle field simulation equipment ,

  • Radio steering system of the battle field simulation equipment with feedback


  • Training system for shooting weapons,

  • Ship bridge simulator

  • Grey Water Treatment System

  • Sea Water Treatment Stations

  • Military & Combat Boots

Armament Armor:

  • main battle tanks equipped according to clients needs,

  • recovery and engineering vehicles,

  • self propelled anti-tank mine laying systems,

  • various types of armored vehicles.

Air Defence Systems

  • Optoelectronics and Measuring Devices

  • Armament and Personal Equipment

* remoted control armament system,

* 23 mm canons,

* different types of heavy machine guns,

* grenade launchers and mortars from 40 mm up to 98 mm,

* small arms,

* helmets and bulletproof vests,

* other protecting clothes (including NBC),

* optoelectronic equipment.

  • Ammunition and Explosives

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