Oerlikon Contraves AG

Type of activity:
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Training Simulators & Training Aids

Birchstrasse 155

Phone: +41 1 316 2211
Fax: +41 1 311 3154

Oerlikon Contraves AG, member of Rheinmetall DeTec AG, is active in the market segments of low level air defence, naval air defence, vehicle armament, ammunition and training simulators. The large worldwide market base in air defence covers more than 40 countries, in cannons and ammunition used as vehicle armament over 25 countries. The strengths of the air defence product range are 35mm gun air defence systems, missile systems (FCS, guns, ammunition, missile launcher) including 35mm Ahead for anti-missile capability. Within Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Oerlikon Contraves assumes leadership in air defence systems and medium-calibre (weapon and ammunition) due to the demonstrated capabilities and long experiences in these branches. We are in a position to support existing and new systems in the field of object defence with the 35mm air defence systems (Skyguard/35mm Ahead, Skyshield35 Ahead, Spaag) or with the Asrad missile system. Within Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Oerlikon Contraves has an ideal environment to pursue the development and marketing efforts to existing and new customers benefit.

KAA (Gun)
KAE (Gun)
KBA (Gun)
KBB (Gun)
KCB (Gun)
KDA (Gun)
KDB (Gun)
KDC (Gun)
KDE (Gun)
KDF (Gun)
PWS (Anti-aircraft defence turret)
Skyguard III (Anti-aircraft defence turret)
Skyranger (Anti-aircraft defence turret)
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