BJ2020 Brawe Warrior

Manufacturer: Beijing Jeep Corporations - BJC  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Lightweight troop carrier vehicle  

Beijing Jeep Corporations (BJC) and Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), the two primary manufacturers of the Beijing BJ212/BJ2020 series lightweight troop carrier vehicle, are currently developing a second-generation 1.5-ton class multipurpose vehicle for the PLA to replace the BJ212 and BJ2020 series in current service. The intended roles for this vehicle include reconnaissance, command, troop carrier, and cargo transport.

So far a variety of prototypes have been revealed to the public, but it seems that the PLA has yet made up its mind on any specific model. Some of these vehicles may have been undergoing trials and tests. Before a satisfactory model can be chosen, the PLA will have to use upgraded variants of the BJ2020 to fill the gap. The PLA is also actively looking for other alternatives such as a Chinese copy of the HMMWV to the Beijing Jeep designs.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels

Included in:
Product Amount
TYPE 75 (Recoilless gun)

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BJ2020 Brawe Warrior
BJ2020 Brawe Warrior