MBDU Kalashnikov

Manufacturer: Kalashnikov Group  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

The MBDU Kalashnikov is remote controlled weapon station.

MBDU can be fitted with one of four types weapons: 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun; 30 mm AG-17 AGL; or new designed 40 mm grenade launcher.

It has a two-axis gyro-stabilizing device and an automatic target tracking system and can memorise 10 static targets. It has the equivalent of Level III STANAG 4569 armoured protection against 7.62 x 54 mm armor-piercing bullets fired from the SVD sniper rifle or PKM machine gun.

The MBDU's traverse arc is 360, and the rotating speed is 60 per second. The module is equipped with cameras, which has wide and narrow fields of view, a laser range-finder, and filters for image-quality enhancement. Its maximum target acquisition distance is 2.5 km.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Traverse arc (degree)
Elevation (degree)
Depression (degree)
Laser range finder

Included in:
Product Amount
BAS-01G Soratnik (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

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MBDU Kalashnikov
MBDU Kalashnikov
MBDU Kalashnikov
MBDU Kalashnikov
MBDU Kalashnikov