Manufacturer: Nexter  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

A new version of the VBCI 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle,, which was named VBCI-2, was developed and manufactured by Nexter as privst venture. Its purpose is to create a vehicle that is attractive to foreign customers. The first prototype was manufactured at the Nexter plant in Rouen shortly before the opening of the DSEI-2015 exibition, and was first demonstrated there. The new vehicle compared with the standard version of VBCI, which is in the park of the French army, has a new armored hull with increased height, which increased the internal volume.

Hull protection is reinforced addon armor steel plates. The VBCI-2 is equipped with a new Volvo D13 diesel engine with a power of 600 h.p. (for comparison, VBCI uses the Volvo D12 550 h.p. engine), reinforced suspension, wheels with larger tires - all this is designed to compensate for the increase in weight from 29 to 32 tons. In addition, a more powerful air-conditioning system, anti-mine seats in the troop compartment, as well as a new digital communication and control system compatible with the French infantry kit FELIN.

On VBCI-2 driver has a thermal imager vision device. There is also a system of 360 degree situational awareness through digital video cameras, the data from which are displayedfor the commander, the gunner and the driver, as well as on the screen in the troop compartment.

The prototype has three crew members (the driver in the front of the hull and the commander with the gunner in the two man turret), as well as six people in the troop compartment. The VBCI-2 prototype is equipped with the Nexter double armored turret T40, which is also planned to be installed on the promising French Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle (EBRC), jointly developed by Nexter Systems, Thales and Renault Trucks Defense. The T40 is armed with a new 40mm automatic gun for CTAS telescopic ammunition, developed by CTA International (a joint venture between Nexter and BAE Systems). 7.62-mm remote controlled machine gun also mounted on the prototype VBCI-2 on the top of the turret. On the sides of the turret there are ATGM launchers, the specific type of which is chosen by the customer. At the request of the customer, other weapon station can be installed on the VBCI-2, for example, a remotely controlled weapon station with the 30 mm ATK Bushmaster Mk 44 automatic gun, which is offered by the Norwegian company Kongsberg. At the same time the troop compartment can accommodate more infantry.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Engine power output (h.p.)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
T40 (Turret)

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