Manufacturer: IVECO S.p.A., Defence Vehicles Division  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

IVECO's tactical truck range consists of two basic families: tactical and logistic. These share a common purpose-designed C-section chassis fitted with a purpose-designed military GRP cab.

The tactical family is optimised for mobility (both tactical and strategic) and fitted with militarised COTS driveline components, single tyres (1400 or 1600R 20) and semi-elliptic leaf-spring suspension. GVWs and engine power outputs are 17 tonnes/310hp 4x4, 25 tonnes/400hp 6x6 and 32 tonnes/450hp 8x8.

The logistic family uses essentially standard COTS driveline components, twin rear tyres and higher payload rated axles with parabolic leaf springs. GVWs and engine power outputs are 20 tonnes/310hp 4x4,38 tonnes/450hp 6x6 and 48 tonnes/450hp 8x4/8.

Both families use the IVECO Cursor 13 turbocharged and intercooled diesel engines. These and the majority of other driveline components are produced in-house and fitted to the EuroTrakker range of commercial trucks. There is 66% major component commonality across the tactical range.

HETs with GCWs of up to 130 tonnes and fitted with higher power-output engines and driveline upgrades including a torque converter are also available.

Belgium recently ordered 400 6 x 6 tactical range trucks, with an option for

a further 379. Designated M250.45W, these eight-tonne payload trucks highlight IVECO DVD's ability to meet individual customer requirements and involve the mating of lighter axles and single tyres from the tactical family with a logistic family COTS driveline.

An applique ballistic and mine-protection kit is available, which features a replacement front panel, doors and windscreen, with all other panels mounting internally and to the stainless-steel framework of the standard cab. Two cab roof options are available.

The tactical range can be transported in a C-130 with limited preparation.

As well as the tactical range, IVECO offers militarised EuroCargo and EuroTrakker commercial designs (see previous entry) plus the purpose-designed MMV range of 4 x 4 chassis.

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