Manufacturer: NIMDA Company Ltd  
Product type: Engine and Systems  
Name: Power pack  


Building on its wide experience in the development and production of armoured fighting vehicle upgrade packages for the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and export customers, NIMDA has developed a complete new power pack for installation in the widely deployed Russian T-72 series MBT.

This power pack has already been installed in the upgraded T-72 M4 CZ MBT for the Czech Republic and by mid-1999 this had completed its automotive trials. This included starting at very low ambient temperatures and fording to a depth of 5 m.

This power pack was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Czech Republic with special attention being given to various technical features fitting the logistical needs of the Czech Army upon joining NATO.

This NIMDA power pack forms part of a complete T-72 upgrade for which the prime contractor is the government owned VOP 25 overhaul and modernisation facility.

NIMDA is overall prime contractor for the power pack with the Czech companies of CKD and Praga being subcontractors to NIMDA. When production of the power pack starts in the Czech Republic, CKD will carry out assembly of the engine and Praga carry out the transmission.


The NIMDA new power pack consists of the British Perkins CV-12 Condor diesel developing 1,000 hp (the 1,200 hp version is standard for the Challenger 1 and Challenger 2 MBTs of the British Army), coupled to a US Allison XTG-411-6 fully automatic transmission, thermostat controlled cooling system by Airscrew Howden and a 650 A alternator. The original final drives are retained but new input transfers are installed.

Details of the Perkins Engines Company CV12 Condor and Allison XTG-411-6 automatic transmission are provided later in this volume.

The installation of the new NIMDA power pack into the T-72 offers the user a number of significant advantages. These include improved performance (including higher speed and greater acceleration) at higher combat weights, lower maintenance requirement, easier and more comfortable driving and training, higher reliability and durability and easier maintenance. The complete power pack can be removed and replaced under field conditions in less than 60 minutes.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)

Included in:
Product Amount
T-72M4 CZ (Modernization of the vehicle)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
CV-12 1000 (Diesel engine)
XTG 411-6 (Transmission)

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