Manufacturer: General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas  
Product type: Auxiliary Equipment  
Name: Bridge  


The Ribbon Bridge System, also called Foldable Float Bridge is a modular, aluminium-alloy, and continuous floating bridge system consisting of interior and ramp bays that are transported, launched, and retrieved by a transporter/launcher vehicle. Bridge bays, which are carried in a folded position, automatically open upon entering the water to form a section of a s bridge or a ferry. The Standard Ribbon Bridge/Foldable Float Bridge was already developed in the 1970s to carry MLC60 loads. The system was developed in Germany by the former EWK and by a company in the US at the same time and by NATO agreement it was decided to make both systems fully interoperable. The EWK system was called FSB (Faltschwimmbrücke = Foldable Float Bridge) and SRB = Standard Ribbon Bridge in the US. FSB is currently used by armies in ten different countries, including Germany, Canada and Australia with great success. The IRB Improved Ribbon Bridge is designed to carry MLC80 heavy combat vehicles and MLC96 trucks as a floating bridge or ferry. Since it first appeared it has demonstrated its unbeatable characteristics. As a pioneer in modern military bridging equipment it is currently used by the US Army in worldwide operations.


It is essential for any modern combat force as it ensures that water no longer proves an obstacle when it comes to transporting combat vehicles and trucks.


Its distinguishing characteristics include the capacity to be used as a bridge or ferry, great mobility, the dual option of being transportable on trucks or aircraft or helicopters, the possibility of using it with the same multipurpose trucks that also transport other heavy equipment and the full interoperability of Standard Ribbon Bridge en Improved Ribbon Bridge.

Standard Ribbon Bridge / Foldable Float Bridge

Interior bay: Overall length 6,920m Width (folded) 3,33m Usable length 6,70m Width (unfolded) 8,12m Ramp bay: Overall length 5,71m + 2,00m ramp plate Width (folded) 3,33m Usable length 5,60m + 2,00m ramp plate Width (unfolded) 8,12m.

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