Reko 606

Manufacturer: RENK Aktiengesellschaft  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  


This fully automatic transmission has been developed by Renk as a private venture for installation in wheeled armoured fighting vehicles.

For trials purposes the RECO 606 transmission has already been installed in: prototypes of the IVECO/ Otobreda Puma (4x4 and 6x6) armoured personnel carrier; SP aerospace and vehicle systems of the Netherlands and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann of Germany Fennek (4 x 4) reconnaissance vehicle; Transmisie Kroko (4 x 4) (Aligator) reconnaissance vehicle; and the Reumech OMC Taipan (4 x 4) armoured vehicle developed to meet the requirements of the Australian Army. As of mid-1999, none of these were in quantity production, although this could start in the future. The total requirement forthe Fennek, for example, is for 382 vehicles plus an option for a further 20 vehicles.

This fully automatic powershift transmission can be supplied with four, five or six forward gears and one reverse gear and a wearless service brake.

The transmission has a hydrodynamic torque converter with integrated lock-up clutch, a retarder and a multipledisc shiftable planetary gear train.

The three-element, single-stage converter based on the Trilock' principle is constantly filed. The lock-up clutch improves the efficiency and will be used whenever possible. The integrated vibration damping coupling cuts off vibrations with different torque converters in size. The RECO 606 transmission can be adapted to various characteristics to meet different operational requirements.

The retarder, which is situated between the torque converter and the planetary gear train, is capable of generating 80 to 120 kW braking power. On customer request, the brake torque can be controlled infinitely variable. It can be activated by the brake pedal or by a separate retarder.

The powershift transmission consists of four planetary gear sets, two multiple disc gear couplings and three multiple disc brakes. Every gear is shifted without interruption in tractive effort whilst driving or braking. All hydraulic control elements, including the heat exchanger, are mounted onto the transmission.

All functions are controlled by the TCS (Transmission Control System), a Renk developed and built microprocessor control system.

For specif ic installations, for example, 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles, the based transmission can be supplied together with a transfer gear directly connected onto the transmission main housing. A lockable longitudinal differential can be provided for different torque splits (1:1,1:2).

If required by the customer, the RECO 606 transmission can be equipped with a parking brake as well as one ortwo engine-driven power take-offs on top of the main transmission, optional on either side or both, shiftable or constantly running. In addition, the RECO 606 can be offered with a ground-driven power take-off to operate an emergency steering pump.

It is also possible to adopt a secondary driven pump that supplies the transmission in case the engine has oil pressure trouble and thus make an engine towed start possible.

In case of failure of the electrical supply system and the TCS system, the RECO 606 transmission can be driven by an optional mechanical emergency control.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Rated speed (r.p.m.)
Weight (kg)
Number of forward gears
Number of reverse gears
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)

Included in:
Product Amount
Puma 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

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Reko 606