Manufacturer: KAMAZ OJSC  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

KAMAZ has produced more than 1.6 million vehicles and 2.2 million diesel engines since production began in 1976.

It produces an extensive range of commercial and military vehicles in two-, three- or four-axle rigid configurations. Payloads range from four to 20 tonnes. Two- and three-axle tractor trucks with train weights of 40-46 tonnes are also available.

Kamaz has had some export success. The four main export models are: 4326 (4x4), 43114 and 43118 (6x6) and 63501 (8 x 8). Payloads are four tonnes (4326), six tonnes (43114), 10 tonnes (43118) and 14 tonnes (63501). A 6 x 6 tractor truck (44108) with a 10-tonne fifth wheel load and a 32-tonne

train weight is also available.

KAMAZ trucks are based on a conventional C-section chassis design fitted with beam axles sprung by leaf springs.

KAMAZ V-8 diesel engines power the vehicles: a 10.85-litre EURO I unit for 4 x 4 (240hp) and 6 x 6 (260hp) chassis, and a 11.76-litre EURO II unit developing 360hp for the 8x8 chassis.

KAMAZ five-speed manual gearboxes are fitted to models 4326 and 43114. Model 43118 has a 10-speed manual gearbox, while model 63501 is fitted with a 16-speed ZF16S151 unit. All models are fitted with a two-speed transfer box.

A number of features are incorporated into the design of the truck to cope with the harsh operating conditions found in the former Soviet Union, and without modification these trucks are designed to operate throughout between -45C to +50C, in relative humidity up to 98% at +25C, and at altitudes of up 4,500m.

KAMAZ produces the 4350 four-tonne-payload 4x4,5350

six-tonne-payload 6 x 6 and 635010-tonne-payload models for the domestic market. These are similar to the models detailed above but feature different higher-powered engines and a higher degree of militarisation.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels
Payload (kg)
Engine power output (h.p.)

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