Manufacturer: Arquus  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Truck  

Renault's military truck offerings since 1999 have been based on the Kerax range of heavy-duty civilian trucks introduced in 1997. These are militarised to varying degrees to suit specific operator requirements.

Renault will soon supplement the Kerax range with the Sherpa 5 purpose-designed tactical military truck (see next entry) to meet today's tactical and strategic mobility requirements.

The layout and design of the Kerax range is entirely conventional and the chassis, cab and most of the driveline components are shared with the civilian range.

All models are fitted with the same Renault EURO III emissions-compliant six-cylinder common rail diesel engine, with power outputs ranging from 265-412hp. Two-, three- and four-axle chassis are available in a variety of drive configurations. It features beam-type axles with parabolic leaf springs.

The all-steel cab can be based around either civilian day/or sleeper cabs and will accept applique armour panels. Alternatively, the entire cab can be removed in around four hours and be replaced by a purpose-designed four-seat armoured cab. Options for this cab include protection against 12.7mm ammunition and anti-personnel and blast-effect mines.

Also available is an air-transportable cab that, like the armoured cab, can be fitted to all Kerax models. Essentially the same as the production cab, the air-transportable cab has been redesigned to include removable and folding elements that enable C-130 transport, as well as on rail flat wagons. The hardtop roof and upper section of the rear-wall panel lift away in one piece, as do the upper sections of the doors. The main windscreen is fixed on hinges and folds forward through approximately 180 to lock in position for transport.

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