Manufacturer: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA)  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  

The Ferret small arms detection and localisation system was developed by MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (MDA) and the Defence Research and Development Canada facility at Valcartier. In early 2005 the company was awarded a CAD1.6 million contract for 13 Ferret small arms detection and localisation systems for installation on some General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada Coyote (8 × 8) reconnaissance vehicles.Of these 13 Ferret systems, 10 were fitted onto Coyote (8 × 8) reconnaissance vehicles deployed to Afghanistan, one system has been kept as a spare in Afghanistan and two are used for training purposes in Canada.Late in 2006 it was stated that an undisclosed quantity of systems would be supplied to Japan for installation on prototypes of a new 8 × 8 infantry combat vehicle.Ferret systems have also been provided to the US Army and Marine Corps for trials purposes. As far as it is known, the US Armed Forces have not purchased any of these systems in significant quantities.

Included in:
Product Amount
LAV-25 Coyote (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

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