Leopardo 2A5E

Manufacturer: General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  

As the main contractor selected by the Spanish Government for the Leopard 2E Program, and in order to execute this contract, General Dynamics Santa Bárbara Sistemas has made a significant technological and management investment aimed at modernising its installations (machinery, tools and premises) as well as improving the capabilities of its technicians and workers.

The tank has the following basic technical features:

  • terms of weight and size, its weight in combat is 62.5 tons. It has a width with side armour of 3.78 m, a length with the cannon at 2h:11.3 m and with the cannon at 6h: 10.1 m and a maximum height of 3.65 metres.

  • In passing obstacles it has a capacity in crossing ditches of 2.9 m; in fording, its capacity reaches up to 1.2 m with the fording system conditioned, up to 2.23 m with on-board equipment, and up to 4 m with deep fording equipment, and the water input/output slopes of up to 15. It clears vertical obstacles to a maximum height of 1.1 m and, lastly, has a roll proof manoeuvrability on lengthways slopes of 60% and on widthways slopes of 30%.

  • In terms of the mobility of the tank, its operating range is worth noting: 340 Km at 50 Km/h, with a capacity to reach a maximum speed of 68 Km/hour.

  • The armament consists of two 77 mm batteries of 8 launching tubes (6+2) (smoke and fragmentation) mounted on both sides of the tower. It also has a smooth-bore barrel Rheinmetall cannon, calibre 120 L55 mm, stabilised, with horizontal sector of fire of 360 degrees and vertical of -9 to 18+ degrees. Two 7.62 mm MG-3 machine guns, one coaxial with the cannon and the other on the tower.

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Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E
Leopardo 2A5E