Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

ASELSAN has developed a remote-controlled stabilised machine gun known as STAMP for defending against asymmetric threats. The system is envisaged for use on land and sea-based platforms including coastal and border defence.


STAMP has a stabilized turret which enables the line-of-sight of the gun to be aimed at the target at all times. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move.

STAMP can be operated remotely by using the remote gun control unit and hence enables gunner protection against counter fire. The system has additional features of defining the firing zones both in azimuth and elevation and automatic charging of the gun remotely.

STAMP has a modular structure enabling easy installation on various naval platforms, land vehicles or for use at stationary control and surveillance locations for the purpose of asymmetric warfare, coastal and land border defense and protection of strategic facilities.

12.7 mm Machine Gun or 7.62 mm Machine Gun and 40 mm Grenade Launcher and various sensors can be used on STAMP according to the tactical requirements.

Remote Gun Control Unit has an ergonomic design with a ruggedized LCD monitor which displays reticle, target range scale, turret azimuth and elevation axis position in numerical and graphical form, field-of-view of the sight system, number of remaining rounds, system operation mode, fault warning symbols and other information for the gunner.

STAMP has a modular structure, which enables selected features to be excluded or added according to specific requirements. The STAMP system has the following sub-units:

  • turret

  • gun control unit

  • fire-control computer

  • commander control unit

  • thermal camera

  • day tv camera

  • laser range-finder

  • system Interface Unit

  • slip ring

  • gun re-cocking unit

  • target tracking unit

  • video recording unit

  • machine gun interface unit

  • batteries and charging unit


  • Type : remote-controlled stabilised machine gun

  • Weight : 220 - 225 kg with ammunition

  • Gun type : 12.7 mm Machine Gun or 7.62 Machine Gun or 40mm Grenade Launcher

  • Elevation angle : -15/+55

  • Traverse angle : n x 360

  • Elavation speed (max) : 60/sec

  • Traverse speed (max) : 60/sec

  • Ready-to-fire rounds : 200 rounds (for 12.7 mm MG)

  • Power supply : 24 V DC

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Thermal imaging camera
Traverse arc (degree)
Depression (degree)
Elevation (degree)
Weight (kg)
Slew rates in Elevation (deg/sec)
Slew rates in Azimuth (deg/sec)
Ammunition of the main gun

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