Manufacturer: OTOKAR Otobus Karoseri Sanayi A.S.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

Akrep equipped with remote controlled turret with FLIR is a complete weapon system for the protection of borders and installations and for ambushes against infiltrators and saboteurs.

System is designed to detect people and objects under day and night conditions at ranges up to 3000 metres with an effective attack and destruct range upto 1000 metres.

The system is completely autonomous and the mission can be accomplished completely under armour protection. High mobility and capability of rapid change of position gives surprise attacks and enhances system performance. System can provide protection of strategic installations.

Operation Of Turret

System consists of manually operated silent moving 360 traverse turret, two 7.62 mm GPMG's on accurate aligned cradles and FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) for sight and observation. Gunner scans the area of expected approach of enemy by making use of silent rotating turret and FLIR. Commander can also follow gunner's scanning through second monitor. Upon positive identification of the enemy, gunner opens up a very accurate fire at a range of maximum 1000 metres with deadly results.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Thermal imaging camera
Traverse arc (degree)
Elevation (degree)
Working wave length, min (micron)
Working wave length, max (micron)
Depression (degree)

Included in:
Product Amount
AKREP (Patrol Vehicle)

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