Manufacturer: Osrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Urzadzen Mechanicznych - OBRUM sp. z o.o.  
Product type: Training Simulators & Training Aids  
Name: Crew training simulator  

BESKID-3 is a complex PT-91 tank simulator with a computer visualisation based on the state - of- the- art technologies designed for the training of the tank PT-91 and T-72-M crews which helps to know the crew compartment construction.

BESKID-3 also facilitates:

  • individual and team training of the crewmembers:

* tank commander - command control and communication procedures,

* gunner - acquisition, recognition, tracking, ammunition and weapon selection, destruction of various targets,

* driver - tank ride with the use of the terrain protection, control and steering activities and maintaining the vehicle performance parameter.

  • training in the simulated field environment,

  • training and raising to a high level the trainees' knowledge.


This simulator may be used in the training of armed units, in the Military Academies and in training centres. Placing a simulator in the containers facilitates its transport whereas the terrain adaptation allows its use in a field environment.


A simulator equipment is set in two reduced height containers, type 1C. Both containers are equipped with power supply systems together with a fire protection and circuit breakers, fire signalling systems as well as internal conditioning, heating and lightening systems.

Crewmembers are located in the crew container: in stands of a operating and battle compartments. The said stands are equipped with stimulators, imitation of all subsystems as in the real tank equipment.

The crew training is conducted from the command container ( an instructor ) operated by two persons:

  • instructor - commander

  • system operator

The instructor stand enables its user to operate the simulator and to control its performance. It also facilitates monitoring of any training processes together with recording of the chosen training parameters as well as planning of a training scenario. It has a direct communication with trainees and it facilitates the observation of the selected visualisation channels. The computer system generates a three - dimensional image which can be watched by the crew through optical simulator instruments.

A digital map of a tactic situation shows the position of both parties in the military training field. Visualisation programmes enable training in various terrain, climatic and visibility conditions i.e. any season, day or night and any precipitation.

An instructor/commander can control the enemy and watch the field of battle with "an invisible watcher" placed above the terrain of the simulated actions. The image is projected on the monitor and the watcher is operated from the instructor stand. To increase the training intensity in the command container there are nine additional places for the trained soldiers who can watch the training process on the monitors placed on the commander stand and thus they actively participate in the entire training programme.


The choice of training, terrain, route, enemy etc is made by an instructor on the basis of:

1.Current catalogues comprising:

  • basic training

  • controlling training

  • firing and battle training

2. Catalogue training modification,

3. Any training configuration (taking into account stimulator technical possibilities i.e. terrain conditions, number of targets, route length, any terrain obstacles and barriers etc.).

The training registration is based on recording of its chosen parameters on the video recorder of a selected visualization channel ( of a selected image from an optical simulator instrument) thus the entire training may be reproduced. An instructor may hold the given training in any moment then discuss mistakes and return to the training programme beginning.

In the said stimulator the training may be conducted on three exiting military training fields: Swietoszow, Biedrusko, Drawsko.

Our simulator enables training in various terrain conditions adopted to the client's requirements which may be the combination of all terrain settings: plain, desert -like and wooded area etc. The real area is used to modify the terrain conditions based on transformation of every data from topographic maps, terrain pictures or satellite images. Any geodesy digital data sets may be also applied.

Casing: container acc. PN-83/K-46010 lowered by 300 mm


  • command container 4500 kg

  • crew container 6500 kg

Transportation means - automobile/vehicle transport railway transport

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